Tomb Raider Online Slots

When you’re ready for a BIG adventure, Tomb Raider Online Slots is certainly the place to be in the UK. This is a five reel and 15 payline UK online slots machine game with excitement that simply can’t be beat. Players can wager as much as 5 coins on each payline and the coin sizes range from .05 to .5 credits each. Tomb Raider focuses on the action of the sexy and sophisticated Lara Croft. As an archaeologist, she is always after the next big adventure, and you’re along for the ride as you play. Everything feels larger than life with this game. The graphics are amazing, the sound effects are booming and the fun that you'll have with Lara can't be beat. It's an usual game since it has a heroine, rather than a hero, and it's a game that women will love; at the same time, men will certainly enjoy following the always - sexy Lara on her next adventure.

Online Slots Review

As you play the Tomb Raider Online Slots, you’ll see many exciting symbols that go along with Lara Croft. These include Lara Croft crouching and Lara Croft with her gun. There is also the idol, the tiger, the gadget, the tomb raider symbol and others. As the UK online slots game starts, you’ll see a movie of Lara in action. She is running, leaping, shooting and exploring. This sets the tone for the excitement that follows in the Tomb Raider Online Slots game. Everything about the game exudes action and adventure and invites the player to feel like he is part of the next adventure happening. Joining in the fun is a great way to get involved today.

Winning with Tomb Raider Online Slots

There are many ways to win with this game. With the Tomb Raider symbol, you only need two in order to get a winning combination. If you have three of the symbols you’ll get 200 coins for every coin that you bet on the payline. If you have four of these symbols, you’ll get 2000 coins. The Tomb Raider symbol is also wild in the Tomb Raider Online Slots game and it can step in for others to create winning combinations. Now, with the online slots review, you’ll learn that the gun-carrying Lara is a scatter symbol. If you have two of her on the five reels you’ll win something and if you have 3-5 you’ll win even more. If you have three or more of the gun-carrying Lara symbols you’ll get into the Free Spins section.

Bonus Blast

As part of the UK online slots game, there is an Idol bonus game. This is activated when three or more of the idols appear on the enabled payline. You’ll then see 12 idols and each has a hidden number behind it. You pick your idols and then you’ll see the number to know what you’ve won with the Tomb Raider Online Slots game. You can win as much as 2500 coins here. All of this creates even more excitement and adventure for the player as he enjoys the Tomb Raider Online Slots game.

Enjoy every minute of your time with the game that has been entertaining players since it came out. It’s one of the more popular UK online slots games and one that will rock any player who enjoys it. The graphics are eye-popping and the sound effects are dramatic and enticing. Enjoy it all today. Entertaining men and women alike, this is a game that everyone will love. Any online slots review of the game will discuss the many great features here. The graphics and sound effects create excitement and the story line does as well. Following the archaeologist on her next adventure and seeing how she tries to save the artifacts and fight off the bad guys will entice just about any player. You certainly don't need to know anything about ancient artifacts to enjoy the excitement of this game.