Tomb Raider Mobile Slots

Mobile Tomb Raider is one the latest mobile casino slots to hit the UK gaming market. It is a direct adaptation of the original Tomb Raider slots game which has become a classic and now it works perfectly for a mobile casino. The screen may be smaller in the mobile Tomb Raider game but the graphics and sound are just as the original riveting slots game which is played by millions of keen slots players all over the world including the UK.

Original Rules for Mobile Tomb Raider

Mobile Tomb Raider has been adapted for a mobile casino just in size, the rules and game play mode remain the same as in the original game. Depending on which mobile casino you choose to play at, you can choose which currency you want to place your bets in but of course UK players can place bets in GBP or even Euros or dollars. The mobile Tomb Raider game also has 5 reels and 15 paylines with the scatter, wild and bonus symbols all the same as in the main game. Lara Croft is still the hero in this exciting mobile casino slots game and she is the key to many of the bonus wins.

Scatter Lara Croft Offers Mobile Casino Free Spins

When playing mobile Tomb Raider, Lara Croft acts as the scatter symbol and apart from offering some handsome winning amounts is also the key to the free spins, when three or more of the Lara Croft symbols land on your screen you are automatically awarded 10 free spins and any win during t he free spins is tripled. In this mobile casino slots game you really see the free spins spinning fast as you wait for a triple win to come in.

Bonus Mobile Tomb Raider Game Yields More UK Winnings

Another bonus game for mobile Tomb Raider comes when you land three idols on the main screen; you are then taken to a new screen where you have the pick of 12 different idols. Your choice will award you different winning amounts and makes this mobile casino game all the more exciting. Of course you can play mobile Tomb Raider for fun but the real excitement comes when you place real money bets and win real money amounts which you can use at the mobile casino for other games or just transfer back to the main casino and withdraw to use at other UK destinations. The convenience of mobile casino slots speaks for themselves and this together with the chance to win some handsome amounts of money makes mobile Tomb Raider one of the best mobile casino slots to play.