Get Ready for the Races

Get ready for the races with the mobile casino mobile Royal Derby. This is a fantastic horse racing game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you play on your mobile phone and enjoy mobile casino games. This is one of the mobile casino games that offers vivid graphics, great sound effects, and awesome chances to win.

Mobile Casino Fun

When you first get to the mobile Royal Derby mobile casino games, you'll see a setting for a horse race. There will be six horses in front of you along with the jockeys, the payout odds for each of the horses and some other details about the weather and the track conditions. Your job with mobile Royal Derby is then to click on a horse. Here, you'll see even more information about that specific horse. There will be a listing for the Stake, which his the amount of your real-money wager, and one for your Bet Type. You can either bet to win, meaning that your horse will come in first place; or you can bet on each way which is a combination bet allowing you to win something if your horse comes in first or second place.

More Mobile Casino Games Fun

Now, with mobile Royal Derby, you click OK after you've designated which horse you are betting on and have set your stake and bet type. You can, at this point with the mobile casino game, pick another horse to bet on or just leave it at one. Then, you'll click on the Race button and get ready for a wild ride! The horses will then have their "race" in this mobile casino game and you'll be on the edge of your seat with the realistic graphics and the feeling of anticipation. When the race ends, there will be a screen shot that shows the final results and your winnings, if you've won. You'll then get those winnings automatically added to your account, as you would with other mobile casino games.

Race Again!

Next, it's time to race again and to enjoy mobile Royal Derby for all of the mobile casino fun that it provides. This is one of the mobile casino games that is action-packed and ready to please. It's even more exciting since you won't find mobile Royal Derby at any casino; it's a game that's made specifically for the mobile device and it works perfectly in this medium. Get in the game today and enjoy mobile Royal Derby!