Playing Mobile Roulette

In the world of mobile casino games, perhaps nothing is more exciting than the new versions of mobile Roulette that have come along. Now, many people might disagree and prefer to spend all their time playing slots on their mobile casino software. Yet mobile Roulette has an image of sophistication which when combined with the convenience of mobile casino games creates a great gaming experience. Few mobile casino games offer you as many choices to reflect your gaming style. When you play mobile Roulette on a mobile casino, you can really select your odds. Conservative gamers can bet on large group of numbers and hope for frequent wins. Those who are willing to take greater risks in mobile Roulette could win much greater amounts by betting on rarer outcomes.

The Game of Mobile Roulette

In the game of mobile Roulette, the basics are the same as traditional table roulette. The mobile casino roulette board is divided into thirty-six squares. Each square has its own number. A ball is sent round a giant spinning wheel that has slots for each of the numbered squares plus a zero slot. Whichever numbered slot the ball lands in, the corresponding numbered square is a winner. If you had bet on that square, you win cash. The key is that there are many ways to bet on a square.

Different Forms of Mobile Roulette Betting

Betting on a single square is risky. Chances are, you will only win once every thirty-seven times. Yet when you win, the payoff is extremely large. On the other hand, you get bet on a large number of squares at once. For example, in this mobile casino game, you could bet on all the even numbers. Or you could bet on all the red ones (numbers are either red or black.) That way, half the numbers on the board are covered by your bet. If a numbered covered by your mobile Roulette bet comes in, then you win. You win an amount equal to what you bet (plus you get your original bet back of course.) So if you are a conservative gamer, this seems like the best strategy to pursue. In between single square betting and even money bets, there are a whole range of betting options. You can bet on pairs of numbers, groups of four, or rows of six. You can place your mobile Roulette bet on the first twelve numbers, or the middle twelve, or the final twelve.

Bet According to Your Style in Mobile Roulette

The point is, unlike many mobile casino games, you really can bet according to your gaming style when you play mobile Roulette. Other mobile casino games like slots are fun, but your choices can be limiting. The best way to find out if to try the games yourself. With the number of mobile casino websites, doing so should not be a problem.