Play Dragon's Fortune on Your Mobile Phone

Get a taste of the Far East when you play mobile Dragon's Fortune, a mobile casino game based on an instant win card game. The mobile Dragon's Fortune features an ancient Chinese dragon that blows puffs of fire that turn into pearls. The pearl then goes into a row of six pearls, each with Chinese symbols on them. If you can match two Chinese symbols and you win the game and maybe as much as 20,000 times your bet. The Chinese symbols represent happiness, health and good fortune. Of course, if you have good fortune, you win the game. If not, you can always try again with another bet. Like many mobile casino games, mobile Dragon's Fortune moves quickly, and every time you hit a match, it's tempting to play again and again.

Instant Win Games Make Perfect Mobile Casino Games

Although most of the games in the mobile casino today are slots games or mobile versions of popular online such as poker and blackjack, the range of offerings is expanding rapidly. In fact, instant win card games are perfectly designed for the mobile casino. The games fit well in the small screen and benefit from the expanded graphics and animation that developers can add to mobile casino games. That way, anyone who enjoyed playing the game as an instant win card game will enjoy it even more in its mobile version. And since you play it on your mobile phone, it is always available, day or night. You don't have to run over to the kiosk and buy a bunch of cards. You can play as often as you like directly on your phone.

The Exponential Growth of the Mobile Casino

With the advent of the mobile casino, more and more people are playing mobile casino games than ever before. The combination of quality games and the convenience of mobile technology have produced a virtual explosion of demand for ever improving games and a greater variety. Games like mobile Dragon's Fortune, which are simple and extremely entertaining, can find an audience in the mobile casino with relative ease, especially since the user experience of mobile technology has reached parity with the desktop counterpart. People who play mobile casino games are not sacrificing quality in exchange for convenience. They are getting the same level of quality game experience - the same quality graphics, sound effects, and functionality as those who play the games on their desktop computers online.