Hitman Slots Goes Mobile

Here’s some great news for April. If you’re a fan of Hitman, like so many players around the world, you’re now in for a treat. And that’s because Hitman Slots Goes Mobile this month and you can be part of the fun with the UK mobile slots game. The game centres on Agent 47, our hitman, and mimics the story line of the blockbuster motion picture that started Timothy Olyphant. The opening scene includes ominous images and music, letting players know that something sinister and scary is coming. And, of course, that is just what Mobile casino Slots players want with Hitman. Over the music in the beginning of the online version, we hear “He’ll get the job done. He always does. Nothing can stop him.” And nothing, indeed, seems to be able to stop this force.

Meeting Agent 47

As Hitman Slots Goes Mobile, you’ll see the hitman, but almost always in the shadows. This creates an ominous feel to the game. And of course you’ll see all of his tools of the trade. These include the sniper rifle, handguns, a knife, a syringe of poison, a wire for strangling people (what can we say!), and the Hitman insignia. There is also a laptop computer through which Hitman gets his assignments for the UK mobile slots game and a wade of cash, because the guy has to make a living somehow. The graphics and the sound effects here add up to an incredible show for any Mobile casino Slots game and they truly create a feeling of energy and excitement.

More Excitement

Hitman Slots Goes Mobile and it comes with a wealth of amazing special features. The Agent 47 symbol is one to watch here as it’s wild and it can expand. This means that if the Agent 47 symbol is on the UK mobile slots reels in a particular position, it will expand vertically to cover the entire third reel. Players can also get to the Insignia bonus game with the Mobile casino Slots game when three Insignia symbols are scattered on reels one, two and three. You pick one of the three Insignia symbols and you’ll get a bonus jackpot of as much as 20 times your total bet.

More Bonus Drama

When the Hitman Slots Goes Mobile, you’ll also see the Contract bonus game. This occurs when three Computer symbols are scattered on the reels. Here, you’ll get a choice of five targets and a choice of five weapons. The target you pick reveals a bonus amount and the weapon reveals the multiplier. Then, your bonus amount multiplied by your multiplier gives you the total amount for your Contract bonus game jackpot. In addition, with the Mobile casino Slots game, three “18”symbols that are scattered on the five reel game will give you eighteen free spins. And, all of the wins during this free spins section are doubled.

Giving It Your All

Hitman Slots Goes Mobile and it’s certainly time to get on the bandwagon and to enjoy this awesome game. If you’re weak in the knees when it comes to violence, you might want to pass on this game; but otherwise you’ll love it and the excitement that it offers. Agent 47 welcomes you on his next journey into adventure and excitement today. Anyone who has enjoyed Hitman online and the Hitman movie will love being part of the action here. The graphics are eye-popping and exciting, the music adds to the drama and the energy is first rate and fun to experience. While it's not a game for the faint of heart, everyone else will love it and have a blast playing it. And playing it from the mobile creates even more excitement since you can join Hitman on his next hit directly from your mobile device. And when you play from the mobile, the fast action combines with the energy that you feel on the go for a great overall experience. Hitman awaits your arrival as he starts his next job.