Playing Mobile Avalon

The slots game of Avalon is one of the most popular on the internet. Now this five reel slots game has been modified as a mobile casino game. That means that you can add Avalon to your list of mobile slots and play right from you iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile phones. All the things about Avalon that players have come to love are included in the mobile casino version. Yet the game is specially designed to take advantage of all the technological aspects of the latest mobile devices. You can use tap and tilt technology to have a game experience that is second to none when playing Avalon. Powered by Microgaming, mobile Avalon is sure to be a big hit. As with the other Microgaming mobile hits, you can find Avalon at the best mobile casino websites.

By It's Better to Play Mobile Avalon

While the classic Avalon game is a crowd pleaser, it is even better to play the mobile slots version. You still get all the fun King Arthur images and all the special feature such as wilds and scatters and free spins and bonuses. But with the mobile casino version, you can play at any time from anywhere that your mobile device gets an internet connection. Just think, anywhere you go, the mobile slots Avalon goes with you. And even if you only have a few minutes (or even less) to play, you can win with every touch of the spin button.

Symbols of Avalon

You might think that by playing on a mobile, you will miss the great graphics of Avalon. But you would be surprised at the detail you can see in all the images. All the crowns, and chalices and treasure chests are still on the reels, all in stunning detail that comes across even when viewed on the small screen. If you still want a bigger screen experience but like the convenience of mobile slots, then play Avalon on a tablet like an iPad. Then you can get the best of both worlds. You don't even have to download Avalon and use up your phone's memory. The game can be played directly in your mobile's internet browser. So put on your armor, mount your trusty steed, and go jousting for cash as you play mobile slots Avalon, any time of the day or night.