Go Mobile with the Android Casino

While the iPhone may have started the smart phone revolution, or at least led the pack for the first few years, it appears that Android-powered mobile devices are not only catching up to the iPhone but are now actually taking the lead in terms of units sold. The ascent of the Android has not gone unnoticed in the world of online gaming, where Android casino games are now a part of any mobile casino. You can now play all types of games at the Android casino, including a range of five reel slots games as well as a variety of table games and more. Although the Android casino is still one of the newest sections of the mobile casino, the demand virtually guarantees that there will be many more Android casino games in the foreseeable future.

The Android Casino is Now Open

Since Android-powered mobile devices are now just as popular, or even more popular as iPhones, it stands to reason that the Android casino would be just as well stocked as the iPhone casino. In fact, virtually of the same games are available for both formats in the mobile casino. Android casino games have all of the quality graphics and sound effects people expect from their favorite desktop based games, but with the advantage of being mobile. You can play your favorite Android casino games any time the mood strikes, since the phone is always connected to the Internet. It also means that you are not bound to a desktop computer, or even a laptop, to play Android casino games. You can play while riding the bus to work, or while waiting at the doctor's office. With the Android casino, the power is always in your hands.

The Mobile Casino is Always Within Reach

Since there are numerous types of mobile phones that use the Android operating system, online casinos have worked hard to ensure that all the different phones work in the Android casino. Like all games in the mobile casino, Android games are mostly mobile versions of popular casino games. Despite the smaller screen size, the games offer the same playing experience as their big-screen predecessors. Best of all, since most people keep their mobile phones within easy reach, the Android casino is also within reach at all times. That explains why the mobile casino has gained such a strong foothold with the general public. As more people switch to smart phones, the popularity is sure to grow even greater.